Video Leaks

The Arcade

Toronto, Ontario

Black Budget creaked earthquakes within the legendary underground punk venue "The Arcade" in Toronto.   The band created a MASSIVE eruption of screams to a sold-out show that it shook the house; as they performed their cover of "School" by Nirvana. The line up included killer sets by Calvin Moon, Wednesday Bender & Sunlust! The Event was a produced by Critical Zero

Critical zero

Toronto, Ontario

April 22, 2022 

This was an intense night of mosh pits and chaos as the boys played to a packed room to a sold-out show at Tail of the Junction. An intense night of desert punk, garage rock and post-punk as they shared a bill with talented locals like Give My Remains to Broadway and Strawberry Cough.


Toronto, Ontario

December 09, 2021

The Supermarket is in the heart of Toronto, Kensington Market, this video helps captures the energy and the support for Black Budget.

The event was produced by Save Toronto Music Venues. The lineup included The Harkness, By Octopi and Wednesday Bender.  The entire city when back into lock down for several months right after this event.